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While using the IoT to the maximum benefit, organizations fail to realize that they are connecting “things”, many of which were never designed with security in mind because their purpose did not need it. IoT provides ease of connectivity, thus providing different attack surfaces to hackers within the system. At times, the network finds it difficult to identify all the devices that are connected in the IoT system, and the devices that are communicating, thus giving easy access to the system. With the increase in the endpoints within this system, there is an exponential increase in the amount of confidential data flowing within the system. This is reason enough to realize the value of this information and the necessity for the security of an IoT infrastructure.


An amalgamation of these two technologies in the digital world, the ICO, also called Initial Coin Offering, has attracted many such startups. But along with these companies, the money associated with ICO has attracted hackers as well. So before you lose out on this valuable asset, secure your ICO with Coyote Coding.


Imagine your website has been compromised by malware and this is hampering with your business. Wouldn't that be a nightmare for you? Even a slightest of the security breach can cause your website to malfunction and loss of reputation. An unprotected website is a major risk to an organization and its customers. Choose from the range of plans available by Coyote Coding.



Majority of the organizations have their business functions streamed with their SAP or other ERP systems. These systems have tremendous amount of data and thus, testing of SAP systems requires in depth knowledge and experience. Abuse of SAP can provide international competitors with years’ worth of valuable intellectual property or trade secrets virtually overnight, jeopardizing current and future market opportunities. SAP security can seriously damage an organization's reputation with customers, resulting in legal liability for the company, executives, and board members.

SAP security is a combination of three areas: Platform security, customization protection and segregation of duties. This includes black box vulnerability analysis, misconfigurations, checking against weak passwords and insecure connections.

We identify the most critical vulnerability in your SAP system and further gain access to connected systems and the data. Security assessment of the network, OS, DBMS, related to SAP is done. Whitebox security configuration checking is also carried out.

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