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Infrastructure, Application & Web Security

Hack your system BEFORE HACKERS DO

Coyote Coding is an international provider of integrated business information security solutions with an innovative approach to IT security.

Coyote Coding founded in 2010 with the vision to solve the toughest cybersecurity problems faced by today’s leading organizations and provide actionable solutions. The foundation of the company motivated for protecting users from increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks and provide quality service over the years serving the ever-changing cybersecurity environment.

Coyote Coding is an accredited cybersecurity company with certified security consultants, we consult with businesses of all sizes across the United States of America, Europe and UK in government, public and private companies.


Unlike most cybersecurity firms, Coyote Coding combines the best in-house developed automated solutions with an extensive manual security testing methodology based on multiple industry-tested and case-specific solutions


Our Services

We provide expert analysis, reporting and consulting in the following areas - 

Our Services


Network Security

Coyote Coding is a network security service ensuring compliance, regulations of the industry, and a network with the security best practices. It helps your organization improve the security and risk posture of the network devices or servers.

Cloud Infrastructure Security

There is a different perspective for penetration testing Amazon Web Services environments to be considered for performing Security Assessment. At Coyote Coding we perform AWS cloud penetration testing considering all the different perspective for the assessment. To help secure your AWS environments.


Mobile/Web App Security


penetration testing with actionable results. Cybersecurity services trusted by global customers.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Businesses today are seeing unprecedented ease of communication among the components of the complete infrastructure, including the network, applications, services, gateways, and most importantly, the physical devices, or the “things” in general. The IoT has given new businesses value and innumerable other benefits, along with a huge “playground for hackers”

Server Hardening

Server hardening is a necessary process since hackers can gain access through unsecured ports. Hence, to limit the entry points, we block the unused ports and protocols as well as disable the services which are not required. All of this process reduces the attack surface area and eliminates a large number of tactics an attacker could utilize.

Support Consulting

In an expanding business environment with ever changing technology, the need for specialized services arises.  There's no way to capture today's needs and ensure they accurate reflect tomorrow's development.  Because of that, our team continually attends online and in person training as well as has tools to conduct extensive research.


“Coyote Coding saved us time and money when opening our firm non-profit organization with terabytes of sensitive data” [excerpt]

Jason Boyll
Founder of Suncoast Marine Research


Ready to find out more?

Our focus is to provide clear communication on cyber security issues with solutions and prioritizing business risk based on the impact of the vulnerabilities. Coyote Coding cybersecurity services ultimately solve cybersecurity problems across their entire enterprise platforms and product portfolios.


Platforms that have been reviewed by us are permitted to use the Coyote Coding Certified logo as a digital badge.   Above the logo will be the business or entity name [recipient name], below that name will be a seven digital id assigned to the business or entity [receipent id], directly below the logo will be an eight-digit id assigned to the credential [credential id], that same eight-digit id should appear bottom left [credential license id] and bottom-right should be the credit UUID [uuid].  Typically, the digital badge should be clickable or accompany a link for verification.   


Our digital badges are issued by Accredible.


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